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A tool for the territory

A meeting of actors .

A Cité des Métiers results from the encounter of actors working in a same territory and sharing the same values, who, after a shared diagnosis, decide to engage in a common project for pooling their resources(reception, guidance and relevant tools) in order to provide the inhabitants of the territory with the will and the means to decide and build their professional life.

To meet the needs of the inhabitants in the best possible way, each Cité des Métiers can also, with the support of its partners, complement the services of the labelled platform with a territorial network of reception spaces bringing the same type of service directly in the locations of greatest need.

Thus, even if all the Cités des Métiers are designed according to a common pattern and abide by the same Charter, they possess distinctive features reflecting the characteristics of the territory where they are located.

In fact the choice of the supporting structure of a Cité des Métiers as well as its design depend on local partnerships, organised according to a specific context : the project leaders are generally public bodies such as the regional authority, but in some cases the project may be carried by other structures, such as, in France, Chambers of Trade and Commerce or of Agriculture, a Jobcentre or a vocational training organisation.

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