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They talk about us

2016 .

Le Télégramme, 1st April 2016

Introducing the Spring School 2016 and its stakes

Armor TV, 30th March 2016

Interview of Jocelyn Meire, Secretary General, during the Spring School 2016 in Ploufragan

Article Centre Inffo, 4th March 2016

Regional Public Service for Orientation : What are the contributions of the Cités des métiers ?

2015 .

Interview with Mr. Edmond Comlan Amoussou, WAPES, 6th October 2015

General Director of Togo ANPE regarding the project of Cités des métiers de Lomé

2013 .

20 years of the International Network

All the informations on the International Network, contacts, key dates etc…

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