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Birth of a concept .

The concept of Cité des métiers was born in the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie of Paris (National Science and Industry Museum), now a location belonging to Universcience. The first Cité des métiers was created in 1993 in its premises of La Villette. This experience resulted in the creation of a label.

A Cité des Métiers is a place managed in partnership by different stakeholder organisations, open to anyone in search of information to build one’s professional future, according to principles of open access, and free of charge and anonymous use.

Its mission is to direct users to all the resources allowing them to formulate and achieve their career aims and to guide and support them in their choices by providing them in a single place with :

  • Interviews with professionals belonging to institutions competent in the fields of counselling and professional life,
  • Documentation in free access on employment, careers and vocational training,
  • Centers IT resources and multimedia areas,
  • One-day information sessions, symposia and meetings organised by all the partners or produced in cooperation with external partners.
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