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Quality in a Cité des Métiers .

In the Network of the Cités des Métiers, quality approach is neither strictly a “assessment approach”, nor a “controlling approach”. Its aim is to create convergences between different Cités’ practices through building on each Cité’s spécificities. Each Cité appoints a quality advisor from its professional staff. Based on an original organisation mobilising each Cité des métiers member of the network, the quality approach in the Network of the Cités des métiers is an essential element of its shared culture.

The stakes for each Cité des Métiers :

  • Improving and adapting the services provided to the user in the respect of the common references and specificities of the Network of the Cités des métiers.
  • Establishing a method of active and permanent professionalisation of staff members.
  • Getting ready the necessary means for regularly assessing user satisfaction.
  • Sharing with the teams the interest to be part of an organised network as a means for improving professional practice, and in turn increasing users, partners and funders satisfaction.
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