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Training for professionals

Join a Cité des Métiers .

For a new employee or counsellor seconded from a partner organisation, joining a Cité des Métiers means joining a network where training and integration of members have been placed at the heart of the operation in order to ensure quality and relevance in the answers given to users. This importance given to the quality of service has been fostered from the outset, with the setting up of a Label establishing the framework within the network and engaging everyone into a process of continuous improvement.

To facilitate the integration of newcomers, they are always presented with a welcome folder that includes the leaflet and the Charter of the Cités des Métiers network and the Guidebooks « Working in a Cité des Métiers » and « Being a counsellor in a Cité des Métiers ». A Repository of skills of the Counsellor in Cité des métiers is also provided to new counsellors.

The complementarity of the functions and the organisation of the work in a Cité des Métiers suppose that any person working there knows enough about the structure and the different functions of the others to be able to offer the user the best answer. Every newcomer is thus required to keep observing things and meet all the people working inside the Cité to discover their missions and understand the overall operation of the Cité.

Then a sharing of expertise, good practice and know-how operates permanently, through the setting up of working groups within a same Cité or across Cités.

The yearly Spring/Winter School is also the special key moment where exchanging throughts on common projects, issues or work areas.

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