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Getting the label

The process .

Once a project bearer has officially declared its intention to create a Cité des Métiers, it may benefit from a support by Universcience and the network of the Cités des Métiers for the design and implementation of the project.

Upon sending the mail expressing the interest for the Label to Universcience, the project bearer can receive a support to put together the Label request file.

Submit the file for requesting the “Project Label”

Implement the project with the support of the Network of the Cités des Métiers
Upon receiving the Project Label, the new Cité des Métiers can benefit from the support of the network of the Cités des Métiers, receive sponsorship by a Cité with similar territorial characteristics, and get to know and use the tools developed in the network.

Becoming a member of the Association Network of the Cités des Métiers
The main aim of this international association, created in 2001, is to promote the relations and develop mutual assistance amongst Cités des Métiers. All Cités des Métiers, labelled, in project or already open, are members. Membership in this association is thus mandatory once a project gets the Label. One of its important activities is to organise since 2007 an annual Winter School where innovations can be introduced, best practices exchanged, and the development of projects between Cités des Métiers is fostered.

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