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The Cité des Métiers of the future

With the spread of the access to digital information, the concept of the Cité des Métiers is still very relevant: the multiplicity of the sources of information determined an increase in the need for guidance and for help to recognise opportunities more clearly.
In fact, if the concept of the Cité des Métiers has kept its currency, it is because its true added value resides in allowing to provide face-to-face advice and guidance, and because the Cités des Métiers have been able to make their offer evolve and stay the closest to their users’ needs.

The Cités des Métiers have been and are still demonstrating their relevance through their capacity to tailor their resources and advice to the new needs of their users – including through adaptation to new technologies. The Internet may have shaken the previous practices, it also gave birth to a new generation of tools that the Cités des Métiers were able to appropriate, thus optimising their services, as can be seen on the virtual Cité des Métiers.

The Cité des Métiers of tomorrow must combine an online service offer (social networking, Cité des Métiers online, cloud services on Proxima Mobile…) with a ceaseless evolution of its face-to-face services and initiatives fostering autonomy as well as the creation of social links.

To strengthen their efficiency and fight the isolation of the persons, the Cités des Métiers will have to become more and more places of collective self-training and socialisation. Paying close attention to the relevance of the services they provide to their users, the Cités des Métiers are constantly watching issues of equity and quality.

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